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MR Projects för SDJ 2.0


It is of course possible to buy kits to make virtually anything to a model railroad layout, but it does not become as nice and unique as if one tries to make it fit into a certain setting. This means that in the end quite a lot of items are specially built or re-constructed to fit this particular layout, the Slötorp-Dåseberga Rail Road.


The below list contains some of the special build or adaptation projects as they get ready.



Ongoing Projects



Cars and Trucks




Cargo and Passenger Ships



El & Digital



Houses and Structures



Fact Files

Here I have collected some brief factual descriptions of how everyday things are designed or placed in reality. All in a way that they have been described by their maintainers or by me measuring to form basis for builds.



Additions to this page will be made as new builds are complete.


I will be back!



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