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This list includes nearly all persons found on the SDJ layout version 2 and in alphabetical order according to workplace or area.


Please note that the names are often attempts to word jokes in Swedish and is therefore virtually impossible to translate and still make the joke. They will keep their swedish names and general description but without the joke in English.


Harbour and Ships

Råttskild, Worker on the quay. His real name is Johansson. A good and able worker always doing his part.


Stuvbiten, would have been called "Shorty" in English. Also one of the workers and in his case also the one to stuff the last bits in the corners and get the first bits out, this since it was easiest for him to reach.


35 and 36, Crane drivers on each of the harbour cranes. Both had the name Olsson and people mixed them up ever so often. Thus the nick names after thier cranes.


Hafsörn, Kaj, harbour captain of the old stock, with enormous routine he was a captain from the seven seas that wanted a job ashore at older age. Sometimes seen as a bit cranky which is totqally wrong, he is just used be the boss. In the right mood he can tell the most interesting stories, especially after a small dram.


Blixt, Nils, lighthouse master and commander of the sea rescue in Dåseberga. His office is the ground floor of the lighthouse.


Linslusen, the Lens Louse, the unusually careful maintainer of the lighthouse and its machinery. His real name is andersson and olso runs the radio and other communication for the sea rescue and pilot activities.


Grundström, Sten, The experienced pilot hwo has done his schooling for real- They say that his skills to manouvre ships is based on his knowledge of every rock in the near sea as nobody elese have hit as many of them as Grundström. Thus he is the only one who actually knows all the rocks and small isles in the archipelage of Dåseberga.


Pullman, Styrbjörn, Skipper with English ancestry commanding the tug S/B Söle, the bigger one of the Transocean tugs.


Ankare, Arne, Skipper on S/B John B Lundh, the smaller one of the Transocean tugs.


Krantz von, Captain of the S/S Puff, the smallest but still very able cargo ship in the fleet.


Flod, Rutger, Captain of S/S Hwila II. A typically jovial coast and canal skipper with great knowledge and experience.


Sillén, Rufus, Captain of the fishing vessel DG10 Sussie. Very capacble when it comes to fish and fishing and always lands the best goods. His shell fish cooking water mix is famous!


Gedda, Måns, Captain of the fishing vessel DG12 Blunda. Also Gedda is a capable capatain who always competes with Sillen on DG 10 at all times. They are seen as almost inseparable on the sea, always lands a good catch and their shell fish is a culinary sensation.


Bååth, Julius, Owner of the Transocean shipping company. All the company's ships have got slightly "sleepy" names. A well managed company including everything from coastal fishing to transoceanic trade. Julius wife Livh also works in the company and is the one running the frieght bookings as well as handles the freights for the Sell Colonial Compoany.


Snook, Ludvig "Ludde", The Dåseberga harbour customs manager often called the sleuth. His services is required to keep smuggling at appropriate levels, but is commonly seen as a completely un-necessary serviceman. In spite of that, Ludde is a part of the people in the harbour as he  has a good sense of humour and good in telling stories.



Trade and Community

Flöjelgren, Tom, Community director and chairman of the Community Board. Just enough willful to become the easy target for jokes in the local press who especially targets his ability to turn the way the wind blows. On rare occasions he manages to find issues and accompanying solutions that really are useful, something that surprises everyone. Probably pure luck.


Pannå, Roger, Style responsible in the planning board with the motto that "if things are to be seen, they should look good".


Säll, Arvid, A traditional wholesaler. Big and genial and oh so traditional in business. A typical person of todays community spirit - in spite of it being yesterday - namely faster, memore efficient, and greedier. In contrary to this, Säll is a clever and honest person that cherish his emplyees. Owner of Säll´s Colonial AB. (Säll is pronounced like "sell".) 


Mutter, Karl, Slightly twisted manufacturer and owner of Dåseberga Mekaniska Verkstad - DMV - a company much like the Götaverken Mechanical Works in Göteborg makes anything mechanical like; Ships, Steam Engines, Wagons, Bridges, Cranes, etcetera, etcetera. A truly classical mechanical company.


Ström, Victor Axel, Ecxiting owner of Dåseberga Elektriska AB - DEAB. He normally wrote his name as V Axel Ström. Being in charge of an electrical comapny he was often nick named AC as he was often seen rushing back and forth between DMW's office and his own office.  


Leksell, Bolla, Owner of Dåse Lek & Hobby the only fully equipped toy and hobby store in Dåseberga. Main supplier to the hobby fanatics in Dåseberga of all kinds.


Röhk, Inge, Owner of the tobacco and newspaper/magazine shop and typically a big smoker.


Mansard, Victor, owner of Dåsebygg AB and really a very good craftsman who unfortunately is always short of time due to him being too kind and accepts far too much jobs in far too little time.




Rellsing, Ludvigh, Lineman at SDJ living in linemans cottage no 41.


Nagel, Bertil, Track Responsible at Slötorp-Dåseberga Rwy. A person that makes sure that things get done in proper time and in a proper way.


Spade, Jens, platelayer working together with Rellsing to make sure that the tracks were up to Nagel´s stadards. If the track was not, it was fixed.


Staaf, Urban, stationmaster at Dåseberga Central, the grand name of a quite small station. Staaf did make very clear who he was using his signal rod. He was the one who decided when trains were to go.



Luren, One of the instructors of the schoolhouse that is situated within the boundaries of the excercise field.  He belongs to the telecommuni-cation detail and teaches telecommunication. That is all ha says, the rest is secret - at least according to him.


Kryptokalle, The other one of the two instructors at the schoolhouse. This one is heading the crytology education. Just as secret as his friend and also statets that he is working with a very important activity.


Morse, Samuel, not his real name but it is known that he is the head of Morse signalling education.


Blanketten, Nick name for the staff teams teacher and a master of forms and ways to organize organizations together with some desorientation.


Ladd, Allan S, Liutenant Commander and manager for the communication detail within the compund.


Falk, Okvin, Major and a guards officer that controls who and what goes in to or out from the compound. There is not much, or rather nothing that avoids his eyes. He is unusually good at spotting attempts from unauthorized persons to enter.


Spetz, Oskar, Education officer taking care of all the newly arrived recruits that must be learned the army ways.


Spjuth, Nils, Education officer number two.


Spaak, Tom, Education officer number three.


Panzar, Rutger, Commander of the armoured and the armor combat

 forces and their exercises.


Striid, Sverker, Colonel and commander of the exercise area.


Kula, Kennet, Head of the small antitank cannon unit.


Bom, Fabian, Head of the larger anti tank cannon unit.


Granat, Erik, Tank Commander.


Granat, Ulf, Tank driver.


Granat, Gustaf, Tank gunner.


Granat, Carl, Tank loader.



Other persons

Inge N Ahning, (N Obody). Un-known, the person taking the blame when something has happened that should not have happened, or when something have not happened whein it should have. Constatly this "N", married to "N" who is just as un-known as him.


Olle i Kröken, whos real name is Olle Bondhe, distant relative to the rest of the farmers in even more distant families, but who mostly is mistaken for being of the Bonde family (well known noble family in Swden) which is wrong. Olles farm borders on the SDJ track where it bends into the tunnel.



As new persons move in and their peculiarities become clear they will be presented in the list above.



I will be back!





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