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This hobby is also shared with my wife. Shared joy is double joy so to say. We have both inherited an interest for and a little knowledge about how to create a garden and this we are trying to realize as best we can. Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes not - then it have to be re-made until it comes out as desired.



In 2005 we bought a house with a fantasic garden. In the beginning it did not look the part, but it had a huge potential for development. Now some six or seven years later it is slowly coming together in the way we want it. Some is ready, but a lot remains to do in our "park".


When the house was built in the 1980´s the trend at the time was to use winter greens and easily managed beds with dwarf firs and silver pines mixed with spireas, etc. Things grow well in 30 odd years! The silver pine was now 12 m high and the four spireas gigantic, the four dwarf firs were over three meters high so you could not see the house for just trees. In addition there were 20 odd birch trees on the lot to make it even darker around the house. A really good trimming was necessary.


The first trimming made the whole house lighter and more welcoming  both inside and outside. The overgrown dwarf firs has been replaced with a mixed flower bed including many nice plants that florishes all through the year. The large silver pine gave room for a mixed flowering and well-scenting hedge, and a smaller number of birch trees gave new life to the flower beds.


Some landscaping has been done to improve some of the flower beds and the circumstances for many of the plants that already was there. The very nice thing is that as time goes, new plants appear that obviously had been there, but not until now being able to grow. Every year we are finding something new and surprising were least expected - fantastic!


A small Garden Tour may give a view of how it currently looks in our "park".


To keep order of all tools and to make some jobs easier I have also made some useful items, and also a number of items for the garden itself. Some of which are included in the Gardening Projects pages.




Under this heading I will add things that happen around the garden.








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