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Wild-life - Birth of Roe Deer 2013


Yes its true, we actually witnessed the birth of two new roe deer in a corner of our garden. Well, not the actual birth moment, but everything right after.


Well, it is not the first thing you expect when looking out the kitchen window. It just seemed one of those days you happen to see a roe deer munching on your plants.


Fig 1: A Roe Deer by the Hammock


In the picture above we see what I saw at first, a roe deer just by the hammock, but wait, what is showing just above the blue rope on the seat?


Fig 2: A Roe Kid


Yes it is, a new born roe kid! Trying to understand the funny character behind the shiny pane. Mother roe is munching away on a bush. Only one kid? There are usually more.


Fig 3: Kid Number Two


Well, well, see what´s coming in from the right, kid number two! They are not big as new borns. Now that I know they are there it requires some follow-up doesn´t it?


Fig 4: Mother Roe


Mother Roe is now hungry of course and goes around chewing at almost anything green and at suitable height, which means everything from ground up to a meter or so. She saw me through the window.


Fig 5: The New Family


I noticed that the mother separate the kids somewhat and attends to them one at the time. Here it is walking exercise time. What, crawling before walking, naaah, but it is a bit un-stable.


Fig 6: Nothing is Wasted


In nature nothing is wasted if possible to avoid. Here we see the mother eating the after birth, that is the placenta and the membranes. They are far too nutricious to leave and now is the time the mother need all extra nourishment she can find. Talk about chewy food ...


Fig 7: One Little Kid Discovering


While mummy eats the small ones discover the surroundings.  Wobbly steps and all.


Fig 8: Just the Last Bit, Nothing must be Left


Here we have the whole new family, mother and two kids. I cannot see if they are male or female, only that one is smaller than the other. Probably due to birth order. Anyway, they are all hungry now.


Fig 9: All plants are tasty, not only the wild ones.


Got a nice picture at about 2 meters from the window. She saw that I was not a danger so sha completely ignored both me and our cat beside me. Looks to be a yearling.


Fig 10: Resting


Time to relax after an intensive day. Mother and kids in a ray of light.


Fig 11: The day after the night before


Next day I heard a thin squeeking noice and saw mother roe looking for her kids. They had strayed in to a flower bed just under one of the kitchen windows. I got this picture in the morning light.


It is not every day one can witness something like this, and above all, not in your own garden.





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