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Dåseberga Mechanical Workshop


This part is about my hobby workshop, the machines, what I have done, as well as the accessories I have made for the. The things I make are made using the manufacturer name Dåseberga Mechanical Workshop - DMW. A very versatile manufaturer as any of the real companies with similar names.


This is a hobby within the hobby so to say. Using my machines I can make the small items I need for the models, but as accessories for the machines tend to be costly it is an advantage to make them yourself. That will also provide useful training in how to use the machines and the output result will be better as well.


It all started about ten years ago by acquiring a small lathe, and MJ-189, from Clas Ohlson in Sweden. It turned out to be a clone of the EMCO Unimat 3/4. Due to that the amount of new and readily available accessories is wide and as time has passed I have also made a few on my own from own ideas and drawings. This gave me a taste for more and soon the shop has been expanded with a small bench drill press which in turn increased the facilities to make things with precision.


Up till today my little workshop has been improved with more and slightly larger machines, as well as making more accessories and modifications to the machines were found suitable. The available machines are now a SIEG C3 mini lathe and a SIEG SX1L bench vertical mill with a long table. An off hand grinder is turn for adaptation to tool grinding.


Some of the modifications and accessories I have made are built on ideas and solution from many others shared through magazines and online forums. Still I have taken the chance to adjust or adapt what I have made according to my needs and ideas where I have found it appropriate, and still others are completely my own "inventions".


Normally I work to metric dimensions but where imperial measures are used, they are accounted for. Detail drawings are made but not always displayed here on line.



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