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Slötorp-Dåseberga Model Rail Road


Slötorp-Dåseberga - SDJ is the signature of my model rail road. It is set in the late 1950's to early 1960's, a slightly laid-back and sleepy time compared with today. A time that for me meant friendliness, sticking together and with a great belief in the future - no end to the possibilties - as said in the film Cable Guy.


There is no exact real place to compare with, it rather is a collection of elements and details that together should resemble a place in Sweden at the time. So if someone says "it exactly looks like in Xxxx or was it Yyyy?!" - then I have succeeded!


This means that it is the total environment, the feeling, I want to achieve where the different parts and details work together to correctly depict the desired era. This will also make it fairly easy to change from one era to another simply by changing vehicles and figures to move the "illustration" in time. It  will be extra exiting since the great demolition rage did not really start until mid to end of the 1960s. This means that before that time a lot of the older buildings and structures from the childhood of industrialization still existed. This will provide for a vast range of modelling presentations.


Slötorp-Dåseberga has so far existed in two versions where version 1 is designed for small circumstances and will fit into a 60 cm (2') wide wardrobe. Version 2 is designed for a whole room as a layout around the walls. See the different menu options to the left.


Since much of what can be found in the Swedish environment is also very specific, there are not very many ready-made kits for buildings or other models, the amount of scratch-builds is fairly large. To build from drawings and own measurements is a very nice challenge. Some of my models have never existed in Sweden, but are typical for the time and could very well have been found here. They are then described as the separate builds they are.


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