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Houses at the Track


A model rail road layout will always contain both out-of-the-box kit houses and completely scratch built houses and structures. All made to fit the owners and the modelled environments desires and needs. This list will show the slowly increasing range of buildings that appear in and around Dåseberga.


Dåseberga Lighthouse


Lighthouses can look very different. Therefore I decided to make my own after my own with two other very low lighthouses like the harbor lighthouse of Helsingborg, and the coastal lighthouse of Kullen as base. 

Dåseberga lighthouse was placed on top of a hill close to the harbour. It is therefore no need for a very high lighthouse to still give a long reach.



The lighthouse was equipped with a blinking light with the same periods as Kullens lighthouse, and it is maintained by lighthouse master Nils (Nisse) Blixt (Nils Flash) and his helping hand usually called the Linslusen (the Lens Louse). 


Nils is also the sea rescue commander in Dåseberga. His office is in the lighthouses ground floor and he belongs to the well known and well seen communal servants, if only slightly odd.


Nils helping hand the Lens louse got his nick name as he is very careful about the lighthouse and its machinery. His real name is Andersson and he also handles all the readio communication in the sea rescue center and pilot office.





At the northern entrance to Dåseberga a cooperative housing block was erected in a typical 1950's style by the HSB. It was made from four buildings of which we only see the street facades. In the typical manner, we can also see shops in the ground floor like a coop store, toys, and the traditional tobacco and news agent shop.



In the picture above we can see the whole block with the shos. From left we see the Toys and Hobbies shop, in the middle a small local coop-store and to the right a Tobacco and News agent.


The houses are from Faller but slightly changed to large window panes and white framing around doors and windows. There still remins a number of details but as a whole the block is finding its shape. It is placed on a small up-hill road from the Dåseberga Sstation.



The Harbour Office


In the Dåseberga harbour we find the Harbour Office, the home for Customs, the Harbour Captain, and the office for the Transocean Shipping Company. The shipping company well run by Julius Bååth and his wife Livh.


On this slightly blurry picture we see the harbour office building. Thwe two large doors on the front lead to the harbour office and the shipping company. On the raer side we have the entrance to the customs.





The house id a Vollmer house from the beginning but have gotten a new colour scheme to fit better into the environment. It is in the far end of the inner harbour and the harbour tracks end right before the house. In the picture we also see the bow of S/S Puff, one of the first cargo ships in the Transocean company.



Branten Station with coal yard


Brantens station and its coaling yard is found along the line towards Slötorp. The name Branten comes from the place being situated right beside a larger drop.



Brantens station is a Heljan kit with a different paint scheme and other touch-up. The whole environment is not quite ready yet.



The Coaling Yard in Branten


In Branten we also find a coaling yard to provide more fuel and water for the engines on their way to Slötorp.





Farmers Bend


This is just a small part of a farmers place that shows in one of the corners after passing the Branten Station. Some supplies and a parking space for things that is less often used.




Here we can see an old Fordson tractor, a Tekno-Bygg kit, as well as an old SMW-10 caravan that the farmer uses on his vacation.



The Photo Place


The Photo Place has become the name of a part vof the layout where it very suitabel to take photos of things taht roll. This part was my first attempt at some background painting and came out sort of OK. Will ahve to do for now.



Here it is in kind of ready state.



The Exercise Field

Continuing counter-clockwise we come to the military Exercise Field. It is placed on top of the tunnel down to the hidden train yard and fills in a good way a hard to get at corner. Any good pictures are difficult right now, but an overview sketch has been approved for display. "It does not contain anything sensitive" was the comment from the "authorities".



As can be seen there will be several houses and possibly some other interesting builds, but they all are found on my to build list since far too long. Time to get going again, I think.



More coming up ...

Up to this point it can be said that the layout has a kind of ready look, but for the rest it is a total build chaos. Due to that this description stops here until there is something new to share.


I will be back!



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